George Held

by Best Poem


Ghostly, in a shroud
Of early morning cloud,

The last-quarter moon
Accents the day’s gloom

Phasing down to new,
When I’ll have no view

Of even a crescent
For a night or two

Until the first quarter
Unveils its presence.

Then I’ll be back in phase
With its monthly cycle,

Pulled like a woman
Toward her period,

An ineffable force
That’s far from a curse,

That leaves me phased,
On the cusp of pleased.

George Held, a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee, has published poems, short stories, translations, essays, and book reviews in such places as Circumference, Confrontation, 5 AM, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Notre Dame Review. In December 2007, Garrison Keillor read his poem “Aftermath” on The Writer’s Almanac. Among his ten collections of poems are the chapbooks Grounded (2005) and The Art of Writing and Others (2007).