Steve Hellyard Swartz

by Best Poem

I go to Mapquest and type in “Poem”

To re-enter your home you must leave it You
Must sit in the noonday sun naked of guard
You must walk on sleep You
Must sleep on the good soft toast
Of wept pine tears
You must shake on it
The “it”
The contract
The light late exercise
This the step you step lightly
This the step you step to the wise
This that
The god of November, the wisest of all wise guys
Has devised
This the day you smoke the best of what is left
This the day you dreamt about in seven dreams
This the –
As old as a Viking’s stubbed toe and as new
As the baby bulbs you put to bed
In a cradle of hay and bear’s blood
This the wonderful way of re-entry
This the door and the key This
The puzzle that is every poem this
The bright language of love and illumination that is every poem
This the million and one ways to count the lashes
Of the cruel and lovely ghosts This,
The wan and brilliant host of the hoary hive you came to call home
The protection offered by the giddy unction of the garden gnome
This, the recollection
Of November’s undue and undying

Steve Hellyard Swartz is a poet, filmmaker, and teacher. His poems have been published in Best Poem, The Kennesaw Review, Haggard and Halloo, and switched-on guttenberg. He has won Honorable Mention in the 2007 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards and the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards. In 2008, he will be published in The Paterson Review and the Southern Indiana Review.