Steve Hellyard Swartz

by Best Poem

When last we looked in on Jesus, he was posing for a Rohrshach drawing

There are skaters’ Bibles
And Bibles for stockbrokers
P.E. teachers have their own (one for men, one for women)
Hang-glider enthusiasts
Therapists of all stripes
Fans of Michael Stipe
There are even Bibles for the publishers of Bibles
Jesus is who you want him to be
He can be the guy in a suit and a tie
Or he can be a flower child
He can be the guy down the street who knows all there is to know about growing hydrangeas
Or he can be a she
Depends on how deranged you is

The days are getting a wee bit longer around here
In my home in blissful suburbia
I keep the thermostat at an autumnal 55
And pretend I’m in Siberia
When I see all them Bibles on display
The King James bound in black
The Rick James in fuschia
I put another sweater on the fire
and coax the dog onto my lap
And say, to no one in particular
There’s gotta be something wrong with ya

Steve Hellyard Swartz is a poet, filmmaker, and teacher. In 1990, his movie, “Never Leave Nevada”, opened at the U.S. Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. His poems have been published in Best Poem, New Verse News, The Kennesaw Review, Haggard and Halloo, and switched-on guttenberg. He has won Honorable Mention in the 2007 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards and the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards. In 2008, he will be published in The Paterson Review and the Southern Indiana Review.