Marc Alan Di Martino

by Best Poem

Man in the Park

A man washes himself in the public fountain.
First his feet, then his arms,
Finally he lathers his wide hands
And scrubs down his face.

Again and again he returns to the fountain
With empty bottles and with plates
An entire inventory of objects
Stored in some half-hidden corner
Beyond the hedge.

A cat threads in and out between his legs
As he walks, his mind consumed
By this passion for hygiene.

He inspects every piece of garbage
With a jeweler’s eye
Holding it up to the light
Assessing its utility as worth.

Satisfied with his bounty
He tucks the rest of his small life away
In a pocket deep with longing
And lights a half-smoked cigarette.

Marc Alan Di Martino is a poet, journalist and translator. He is the editor of American Poets Abroad, a blog/journal of contemporary poetry. He lives and works in Rome, Italy. His work has been published in BigCityLit, The American, Pivot, and Martha’s Version (under the pen name Marc Alan Coen). He is trying to find a publisher for his satiric novel-in-verse. He can be contacted at