Mukesh Williams

by Best Poem

Turning Fifty

Within the arched cavern
Of a pulsating interior
You respond to a familiar voice
Speaking across continents,
You penetrate the heart
The soul of sentiments,
Regrets, revision, allusions,
And a thousand intrusions.

You slowly wade through time
Mesmerizing and collapsing distances
A sob here, regret there,
You yearn for the familiar
Wishing for the dazzle of youth,
The promise of alcoves,
The smell of a closely read book,
And warm galleries of contact.

As you turn fifty you realize
That your children will escape
Into those subterranean passages
That you once inhabited,
Reclaiming and reconfiguring
Space and time
With their auditory imagination and
The ingenuity of their enterprise.

Mukesh Williams has been published in Indian, Canadian, Caribbean, and American journals such as Indian Verse, The Journal of Indian Writing in English, Muse India, Centrifugal Eye, The Blue Fog Journal of Poetry, Foliate Oak, Plankton, and Best Poem. His poetry possesses a startling mixture of Japanese minimalism and Foucaldian coups and carries with it an uncanny postmodernist signature. His works have been quoted in reputed journals around the world from The Journal of Commonwealth Literature to The Other Voices International Project, and listed in the World Poetry Directory of UNESCO 2008. Williams has published two books of poems, Nakasendo and Other Poems (2006) and Moving Spaces, Changing Places (2007); and is now working on a third book The Figural Moment. His latest co-authored book, Representing India: Literatures, Politics, and Identities (first published in January 2008 and reprinted in September 2008), has been favorably reviewed in many journals and newspapers. He teaches at Keio University-SFC and Soka University, Japan and can be contacted through his blog site.