Geoffrey A. Landis

by Best Poem

Earthrise, Viewed from Meridiani, Sol 687

A blue-white speck,
fuzzy through gauzy grey clouds.
It rises over pale yellow dunes
in a pale pale sky.
Cosmic rays flicker like fireflies at the edges of vision.

That’s you
and me
and everybody you know;
everyone who ever lived,
everyone who ever died.
All of us.

Were you smiling? Did you wave?

Geoffrey A. Landis lives in Berea, Ohio. His works have appeared in 25 languages. His first collection of poetry, Iron Angels, will appear in early 2009. His other books include a novel, Mars Crossing, published by Tor Books in 2000, and a short-story collection Impact Parameter 5 in 2001. He is the winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards for science fiction, the Locus award for best first novel, and the Rhysling award for poetry. For more information, check out his website, which gives details on his writing and other doings.