Adam Tod Leverton


A song plunges me
into the warm waters
of your harbour and bounty
I’d like to touch your hand
if only for a moment briefly
between here and the hereafter
two passengers dwindling
melting down into one.

I do nothing all day
but scratch out these poems
with the palpitations of my heart
and they ferment, jettison
and orbit around our barrio

in the cross hairs of lust and fidelity
the barrel pressed against my breast
I beg you mercy o demons of indifference
deliver me from anything but
complacancy and indifference.

Adam Tod Leverton has been published a few times, and at one time had a serious ambition to be a poet. Now he considers his poems like Bonsai which he would like to share with those who appreciate the art of his Bonsai.