Dominick Quartuccio

The New Blank Page

Finishing a poem
is like quitting
a shitty job-
middle fingers blazing
like pistols as you
walk out the door-
and then it’s unemployment,
and want ads,
and interviews,
and the new blank page.

The last drop of ink
you drip on the paper
is like the last drop of piss
after so many beers-
and then it’s back to the bar
for more rounds,
and shots,
and scotch-rocks,
and the new blank page.

And you realize
that you will always need
another shitty job
and that you will always want
more beer-
and a new blank page.

Dominick Quartuccio is a poet, fiction-writer, artist, and Christopher Walken impressionist. He is also the editor/creator of the soon-to-be printed literary magazine called Gorilladust.