Isabelle Ghaneh

Poem for a Dry Day

Elsie kept disappearing
Every time she went about her daily duties
Washroom clothes folder
Out in the fields milking the cows
I can’t call her in
After all I am not a snob
Paper is plastic
It stretches
Like cellophane
Other times
It’s dust
And it tastes dry
Like ashes
You’re always lonely at the table
If my contact lens had worked
If I had been able to see properly
Out of my own left eye
Despite the darkness of the casino
It never would have happened
At least I like to think so

Isabelle Ghaneh’s work has been included in the publications Sea Stories, Arabesques Review, Her Circle Ezine, Dimsum-Asia’s Literary Journal, Coal City Review, and The Copperfield Review, among others.