Janet Butler

thoughts pursuant to a pinot noir

it lingers
a fruity, musky scent
thickening want

angles soften

those juts that prick a perfect day
melt in the long, slow, lingering sips
of a red
darkening, suddenly, to midnight blues
to wails of dusk, shadows,
lust that dreams a phantom train
racing the star-chipped night
hungers that root in the belly’s pit

Janet Butler relocated to the Bay Area, Berkeley, California after living in central Italy for many years. While enjoying the beauties of Italy, she collaborated with Romeo Giuli in the translation of his poetry from 1997 to 2003. A selection of these poems was published by Solveig Publishing, Sienna, Italy. Ms. Butler’s poems have since been published in enough ezines and print publications to keep her somewhat happy. Shadowline, a collection of 50 poems, was published by Gatto Publishing, Scotland in August, 2007. Eden Fables has been available as an online chapbook since September, 2007, at languageandculture.com, and Collection: Ekphrastic Poetry by Robert Schuler and Janet Butler was published by Canvas Press, Summer, 2007.