Marianna Hofer

Under an Incredible Blue Sky

An insubstantial country road
bends back on itself like
any number of heartbreaks,
should inspire caution, not
an eager foot on the gas,
a flirtation with steep sided
ditches awash in wild
sweet peas, translucent
heaps a person could
sleep calmly under until
a heavy dew soaks an open
collar, an unbuttoned cuff.

Sunk to the axles in
a dissolute rhubarb bed,
a ’71 Cadillac fills with
bees. Waxy honeycombs
stretch along interstates,
spill over state lines on
misfolded road maps shoved
under the front seat, the bees’
steady absentminded hum
the sweet perfection of
a just tuned engine.

Tiny soft gray birds at
the road edge twitch up
smudges of dust with
their rumpled wings,
chitter at each other, at
the dust, the stunted
wild carrot. There
is so much to say.

Marianna Hofer works out of Studio 13 in Findlay, Ohio, where she writes and works on her black & white film photography. She has published in a variety of little magazines, and her photography has hung in various exhibits and eateries.