Marina Torres

It Was a Pleasure to Rebuild

Trailing along the splintering tracks
I squeeze your warm palm as you whisper

Into my mussed hair those twelve stale
Chapters of Ecclesiastes, again.

I skip between the wooden planks, searching
For loose stakes to claim this scorched land.

Secondhand or otherwise, we will be
Lovers and litterateurs ‘til we die.

Some two hundred verses still smolder
Hotly as embers of your exhaled breath.

We will rewrite ourselves in history
With the ashes of all that we have burned.

So righteously we will rebuild.

Marina Torres received her undergraduate degree in English and philosophy. She is presently employed as a library coordinator at her alma mater. She recently won first place in The Stockton Arts Commission’s Annual Writing Contest for her poem entitled, “His Girlfriend.” Also, she regularly posts her poetry on for feedback from discriminating readers.