Nirvan Hope

garden grammar

some days are just for editing
turning nouns and verbs like
garden compost mulch dug under

a comma here a colon there
pluck phrases re-arrange paragraphs
sweep away dead leaf redundance

a day for weeding rows of idiom
for space and light of understanding
quicken mundane metaphors of life

prune stake leaning beds of proses
while sprinkler rains on trellised lines
root deep tendrils of reflection

not the day to harvest chapters yet
as tender buds grow perfect meaning
my dear dearest or my darling one

Nirvan Hope is the author of the forthcoming book “Three Seasons of Bees and Other Natural and Unnatural Things”. She writes and takes photographs in the Pacific Northwest and is currently working on a memoir set in England and Northern Nigeria. Her work has appeared in regional, national and international publications.