Roxanne Hoffman

The Art of Conversation?

More like the art of war.
This battle of the tongue,
Barbs sharp, unleashed and lashing,

Each dueler draws like sword.
A tit for tat is sung.
The clamor of quips clashing.

Repartee’s rich reward:
By one’s own words undone.
It smarts and yet so smashing!

But only pride is gored
For stick and stone break bone
And this, mere verbal bashing.

–Hoboken N.J., September 20, 2007

Roxanne Hoffman, a former Wall Street banker, now works nights answering a patient hotline for a major home health care provider in New York. Her poems have recently appeared in Amaze: The Cinquain Journal, Champagne Shivers, MÖBIUS, The Poetry Magazine, Clockwise Cat and the Canadian journal Inscribed. Still trying to reconcile writing poetry and making money, she curates Poets Wear Prada, a website designed to promote poets, their readings and their poetry; she owns a small press by the same name.