Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan

my heart is a wedding cake

and stands here in white & smiles
wondering if you know i would rather be sailing with you
on any lake than be here now
with my apple-face of happiness
& the next 40 years of mr. he’ll-do
because you did not tell me how my lips burned your skin
when i whispered my hello & pressed them to your neck
you did not let me in
you kept us inches, a world apart
& so you smile, i smile
as i cut into this cake
as if i were cutting my desire out
i will wear pink tonight & pretend
lights & eyes shut
you will find your way
into my arms
we will be in our pine forest
be the only dancers able to hear the music

Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan is founder and president of 
The North Sea Poetry Scene. 

In 2005 she was a nominee for Suffolk County Poet Laureate. 

In 2006 her poetry book: Let Me Tell You Something was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. 
She has penned 4 books, and is working on her 5th.  She is the Editor of Long Island Sounds Anthology. She is endeavoring to create an archival/arts center for Long Island poetry that will be a gathering place for poets.  She is the host of TNSPS’s Arts Forum TV Show on CH. 20 on Cablevision on in Riverhead.