Submission Guidelines

Best Poem will be accepting submissions again as of February 1st, 2012.  Please check out our new site first before submitting.

To qualify for publication, the poet must fit one of the following criteria: a) the poem has been rejected elsewhere for publication but still the poet feels strongly about its merit, or b) the poem hasn’t been submitted but is the poet’s current darling, favorite or breakthrough poem.  Long poems and sequences are accepted and encouraged.

Include with your submission a few remarks that discuss the work.  These remarks should be as insightful, as creative and as telling as the poem itself.  Remarks may be published alongside the poem.

Also, include a brief biographical note and important contact information, including, name, address, email address and telephone number.

Finally, please submit only one poem at a time.  All submission must come via email. Please paste poem and other required materials into the body of the email and attach a file including the poem, bio, remarks, and contact info.  Files should be saved as a MS Word doc or docx.  We don’t accept simultaneous submission or previously published poems.  Response time varies.  We can’t pay contributors at this time.

Best Poem acquires first rights for publication.  Best Poem reserves the right to archive accepted poems indefinitely and reprint poems at a later date if selected for inclusion in a print anthology.

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