Gail White

The Gypsy Woman Tells Your Fortune

You will make a journey over water.
How large a body of water
I cannot say.

You will marry once for love
And once for money
And whichever comes first
You will wish it had been the other.

You will eat too much salt.
Doctors will begin telling you to slow down.

Your job will be less satisfactory
Than you thought it would be.
So will your children.

Something you never heard of
Will kill your parents.
You will not be ready to take their place.

Your car will break down
When you can least afford it.

When all seems hopeless
You will meet a mysterious stranger.
It will be you.

Gail White is the editor of several anthologies, the latest being KISS AND PART, and a frequent contributor to Light, Measure, and other poetry journals. Her new book, EASY MARKS, is in the works at Word Tech Press.